Don't wait before asking for HELP!

Don't wait to ask for help
Don't wait for when things are really bad, don't wait for the dog to make one more bad choice, don't wait for that piece of straw that breaks the camels back because it's going to happen and there is no need to let things get so far out of hand. Waiting isn't going to make the problems better or make them go away, waiting only compounds the issues and adds more layers of trouble and gives you and your dog more experience practicing bad habits... and as we all know the more you practice a bad habit the harder it is to break that habit and rewire the brain to make better choices. We always tell our clients to contact us whenever they get stuck... don't wait for our next session before asking questions and seeking answers. Actively seek them out and get your dog unstuck before you two get so far off track that a mistake or a moment of uncertainty becomes a really bad habit and we now have to do more intense work to rewire the brain. ~ Ina the Wise

Kristen Cameron