Let's practice relaxing!

Every morning and a few time throughout the day, we dogs practice calm duration work. This means that we go to our place cots or dog beds and then stay there and practice having a calm and relaxed state of mind until we are released. When a new dog first starts practicing this exercise they are often very anxious because sitting quietly by themselves isn't something they are used to. But by practicing this super important skill, dogs soon learn that not only can they do it.... but they enjoy We can't stress enough how important it is for dogs who are struggling with aggression, fear, reactivity, and a host of other issues to practice calmness and stillness. When you are a troubled dog you often have an impulsive and racing/anxious mind and you worry about everything. So your humans need to help you overcome these troubles by disagreeing with aggression, fear, reactivity, etc., holding you accountable for your behaviour and choices, and also by helping you practice mentally calming exercises like place so that you can learn how to relax and control your impulses 😊. ~ Ina the Wise

Kristen Cameron