Speaking 'Dog'

Rainy days might be my favorite...

On rainy days I can easily let myself slip into quiet contemplation to explore my own mind and feelings, recent interactions and situations and best of all... dogs💕 On rainy days I love doing a lot of pack interactions/social encounters to help the dogs learn about polite interactions but also to study and examine their behaviors and actions. The deeper I dive into the mind of dogs, and why they do what they do, the more I learn to think and speak 'dog'. And the best way to speak dog is by saying nothing at all. Dogs are constantly influencing one another by using the pressure sources that they have at their disposal... a look, a posture, a quick or slow movement, a body position, a shake, a tongue flick and so many more. No words, rarely a sound, but so much is said between the dogs all the time. They communicate through these influential pressure sources the exact same way as I communicate through remote collar... perhaps that is why dogs pick up the language of remote collar so quickly and comfortably. All I know is that the more fluent I become in 'dog' the more I realize and appreciate that remote collar is the same language. ♥

Kristen Cameron