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State of Mind

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Try to think about the last time your dog did something you didn’t like. Did he jump on you? Did he pull you down the street? Did she ignore you when you called her? Did she chew up the couch/baseboards/dog bed/etc.? All of these naughty behaviors have one thing in common… the dog’s State Of Mind. The most important and fundamental area we work on with dogs at Find Your Balance Dog Training is their state of mind. Because a dog who maintains a calm and relaxed state of mind simply does not exhibit these types of naughty behaviors.

Kristen is one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met ! She’s the kind of person you didn’t even meet and you feel like you can trust her 100%. She’s so dedicated to her dogs and dog’s customer, it’s like she’s on a mission to save them all !
— S.D.