What motivates you?

Each of us is motivated differently. Some of us carry big responsibilities for big salaries, some of us take daring risks for fame and recognition, and some of us work tirelessly for love and appreciation. What motivates you to learn? To work? To try?

Now imagine that you had a supervisor at work who knew this about you and was able to give you your most coveted motivator in exchange for a days work. Would you be more excited to go to work everyday? Would you make more effort? Would you be a happier person?

Now consider this... what if you took this approach with your dog? Like us, dogs are unique individuals who each have their own individual motivators. Some dogs love food, some dogs love toys, some dogs love affection while other dogs prefer playing with doggie friends. What motivates your dog? Try to figure out your dog's greatest motivation... what they would do anything for... and use this as their reward when you are creating engagement with them or teaching new behaviours. Dogs are experts at reading patterns and making connections... way better than humans. So what better way to motivate your dog to learn something new (and love doing it!) than by rewarding their success with what is most special to them?

Kristen Cameron