Ensure the success of your goals

I would like to share with you some wise words by one of my favorite inspirational people, Jim Rohn. Jim's 10 Step's to Achieve Any Goal are a wonderful road map for life in general and also incredibly insightful when applied to dog training. He talks about the importance of personal accountability and how staying true to your goals is a mindset that can help ensure the success of those goals... which is absolutely spot on in dog training. It is massively important that as dog owners we hold ourselves personally accountable for the success of our dog's rehabilitation and training. Your trainer can set up your training program and teach you dog handling skills and your family/friends can cheer you on and support the process but the ultimate success of your dog's training is a mindset that comes from within you. There is no magic, no short cut and no easy button. You have to be more invested in training your dog and want it more than anyone else. You have to put in the work every day for as long as it takes. You have to anchor yourself and with all your resolve not give up when faced by challenges that arise during the training process. I know you can do this! Happy training :-)

Kristen Cameron