Kick those old stories to the curb!

Letting go....
We’ve all got a story of some sort, we’ve all been hard timed once or twice (or more!) and we’ve all gone through tough times. And a sure fire way to stay stuck in those hard times is by rehashing them over and over again with anyone who’ll listen. For any of us who’ve experienced crappy stuff, unfair treatment, or been wronged in some way... dwelling on it and using it as an excuse for making poor choices and avoiding moving on allows those experiences to define who we are and to limit what our future looks like ... and that is a real prison sentence. The same is true for our dogs. How many times have you started talking to someone about their dog (or perhaps you’ve been the one telling others about your dog?) and the same story gets told to every new listener ‘he’s a rescue, he suffered this and that and it was awful....”? Yes... bad things happen, yes.... it’s not fair, but every time we tell these stories about our dogs we are keeping them in a prison of the past where sad stories and poor choices means no hope of becoming more than that story. Do you always want to be introduced as the alcoholic or the high school drop out? Or after healing, processing, learning, improving and moving forward would you like the opportunity to define and yourself on your own terms? Don’t let what happened in the past determine who your dog is and what he or she is capable of in the future. ❤️

Kristen Cameron