Are you missing out on important opportunities?

Every moment of every day is an opportunity to show our dogs leadership (structure, rules, boundaries, accountability) or to show them the soft and spongy stuff (unearned affection, emotional dependency, unearned privileges) that all too often leads to behaviour issues, fighting, and all the naughty stuff. In every moment (little or big) leaders establish rules and boundaries that are fair, they add structure, they give guidance when needed and they create a safe environment for followers to feel calm and protected. These little, seemingly unimportant tiny moments stack up to give our dogs an overall sense of who we are and if we are the leaders that they want to follow. Think of a solid role model or leader that you admire and the reasons why you look up to them. I bet it wasn’t because they bribed you with treats, kisses and couch time 😉 ... it’s because leadership is earned through consistent structured influence. 24/7.

Kristen Cameron