Much Love♥

My dog Tyson is among the greatest teachers that I've had as a dog trainer. Tyson arrived from a kill shelter in Quebec on his last day (if you know what I mean... ☹️). Like most dogs that find themselves in the shelter system, Tyson had some bad habits and big challenges to overcome but under all that swagger and sassy attitude was the sweetest most loyal dog I have ever met. Tyson easily took to our other dogs with kindness and friendship and he worked hard to understand the 'new ways'. It wasn't easy for him to accept training and exchange his all to familiar naughty habits for good ones but he did. And I'm so thankful to have this most amazing dog 💕 Tyson was nearly lost because it was so hard to see past his rude behaviour but there was a good dog in there that was just waiting to be uncovered by rules, structure, boundaries and accountability... aka training. They all have potential and they all need us to guide them to that potential. ❤️ Much Love ❤️

Kristen Cameron