One-on-One Dog training

$1050.00* our place

Are you looking for more engagement and focus from your dog?  Do you find that your dog becomes easily distracted or over excited/out-of-control around other dogs, people or new environments?  We can help!

Imagine having the tools and skills to walk your dog anywhere and anytime with confidence.  How great would it be to be able to take your dog everywhere... to a friend's house or to family BBQ's?!

We are proudly introducing our NEW Jump Start format to all One-on-Ones programs.  Jump Start is a full two days of training with Kristen for your dog at the beginning of your program to literally Jump Start your dog’s learning and understanding of the training process so that she can lay the foundations of prong collar work and remote collar work before you, the owner, joins the process.  We’ve had incredible success with this new approach because it allows us to start the dog properly for maximum clarity and understanding so that owners can then seamlessly step in and start learning the language of remote collar themselves without any worry of confusing their dog.

During our One-on-Ones program we give you the tools, the knowledge and the skills to accomplish the tasks that may seem impossible to you right now.  In addition to the 2 day Jump Start, this program includes 4 one hour sessions which cover issues on the walk (like pulling) as well as basic commands on leash (sit/stay, down/stay, place, come/recall).  We will also address problems such as jumping, playful mouthing, counter surfing, or any other issues you may be experiencing.

The One-on-Ones Program is intended for dogs with no serious issues like reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, etc.  If your dog shows reactivity/aggression towards other dogs, people, or has any other serious behavioral issues please check out our Board & Train program.  We can definitely help you!

We specialize in modern, low level, communication style E-Collar/Remote Collar training and all dogs going through our One-on-One sessions will be remote collar trained.  If you goal is to have complete dependability on and off leash, inside and outside then our modern and thorough approach will give you fantastic results. 

*Price DOES NOT include an Educator E-Collar which range in price from $260 - $360, depending on your dog's size.  We will purchase this for you and add it to your invoice.

The private classes really allowed us to move at a good pace and get a lot of great training in!
— K.R.