There is hope for anxiety :)

Does your dog struggle with anxiety or stress or hyperactivity? Is he/she destructive or potty in the house when you go out? We see quite a few dogs for these types of issues because it's just so common in today's busy lifestyle. And yes, there is help and there is hope! My dog Auggie here is the poster boy for anxiety... I often say that he is my 'benchmark' for anxiety cases lol! August went through my 5 week board & train program to address his anxiety and a laundry list of other issues. And he is now among the best trained dogs in my pack. Don't get me wrong, the others are wonderful but a dog with an inherently anxious personality requires a whole new level of consistent training. With Auggie, nothing is missed, nothing is let go, and nothing is over looked because if we slip in his 'training lifestyle ' some of his former anxiety could creep back into his life. You see training isn't simply a 2 or 3 or 5 week program. Training begins with your program but then it must continue on as a lifestyle if you want your results to last long term. It's very much like working out at the gym to lose weight and get into shape. I could spend 6 weeks eating healthy and working out at the gym to get really fit but if after I'm thin and buff I stop exercising and go back to the junk food then I'm going gain back the weight I'd lost. Training is very much the same, if you don't use it you lose it. Especially with inherent anxiety which requires management... for Auggie I give him a highly structured day, very clear rules and boundaries, and dedicated mental and physical exercise every day. All of these things help Auggie to feel safe and cared for. He doesn't have to wonder and worry about where I or anyone else is when we go out because his job is to relax in his crate. He doesn't have to stress or worry about getting a spot on the couch because furniture is always off limits... he doesn't have to worry about anything because the rules and boundaries are always the same and there is no room for confusion or misunderstandings which cause stress to dogs... and people for that matter! Think of a time at work when the rules and boundaries were not clearly laid out which caused you to make a mistake. Stressful, right?! The best way to reduce and manage anxiety is through structure, rules, boundaries, exercise and routine and when you find the right combination for your dog you get to help him live a happier and fuller life and you will also benefit from having an extremely well trained and structured dog 😊

Kristen Cameron